Do you road test the vehicle?2018-12-08T15:01:09+00:00

Yes we road test all vehicle were it is possible for a pre-purchase vehicle inspection report.

Do you inspect vehicles on the weekend?2018-12-08T15:00:29+00:00

Our vehicle inspections are by appointment only, yes that can be arranged please Contact us for more details.

How long does the pre-purchase vehicle inspection take?2018-12-08T14:59:47+00:00

We allow 2 to 4 hours for the inspection depending on the type of vehicle it is.

Can i book by credit or debit card online?2018-12-08T14:59:01+00:00

Yes of course, You can pay by credit or debit card when making a booking. please go to our contact page and request an instruction.

What areas do you cover in the UK?2018-12-08T14:58:24+00:00

Vehicle Engineer Assessors work with independent motor engineers across the whole of the UK. We provide a nationwide service.

How long do i have to wait for the vehicle inspection report?2018-12-08T14:57:38+00:00

We will instruct one of our motor engineers from the moment we have your instructions you will receive a vehicle damage or inspection report normally within 48 hours from inspecting the vehicle.

Does the Vehicle Need To Be In A Garage Before An Inspection Can Be Requested?2018-12-08T14:56:05+00:00

No, At vehicle engineer assessors we can carry out vehicle inspections at car body shops car showrooms salvage yards storage yards in or out doors anywhere in UK.

How Long Between Vehicle Instruction And vehicle Inspection?2018-12-08T14:54:15+00:00

Vehicle engineer assessors offer our clients a fantastic and professional service, Once we have the given instructions we will aim to inspect and deliver the report back to you within 48 hours from vehicle examination.

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