When you’re nearing the end of your current lease contract you’ll have lots of questions about returning your vehicle, whether this is arranging a collection or questions about excess mileage and damage charges, we are there to help you prepare.

Our Vehicle assessors will check the leased vehicle making sure it meets the minimum return standards ahead of your collection date.

Damage charges

We will inspect the vehicle for any damage that falls outside what is deemed ‘fair wear and tear’ before you return your vehicle to the finance company.

During the period of the lease of the vehicle or hire fair wear and tear is the damage that occurs to a vehicle as a result of normal use

this is not damage caused by an accident, negligent behaviour or poor treatment. You will be liable to pay for any excess damage that is found outside of fair wear and tear, in the form of lease-end penalty charges.

Some of the most common problems that result in customers having to pay lease-end penalty charges to include;

• Scratches
• Accident damage and dents
• Missing sets of keys
• Missed services
• Missing documentation
• Damaged or stained interior
• Windscreen chips
• Wheel damage due to kerbing

Excess Mileage

Excess mileage charges may occur at the end of a contract if the vehicle is returned with more than the contracted mileage.

If you have exceeded your annual mileage allowance, you will be required to pay an extra amount calculated based on how many additional miles you have done, otherwise known as an excess mileage charge.

Have another question about returning your leased vehicle? Contact one of our Customer Service representatives for more information and advice.

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