Vehicle Engineer Assessors has built a network of independent vehicle engineer experts that investigate motor fraud and a Consistency Of Damage Inspection service across the northwest of England.

The consistency Of damage inspection service involves motor claims investigation to a high level and prepares forensic evidence reports for the attention of the courts. The experts will determine the consistency of damage report to vehicles that are involved in a road traffic accident or allegedly involved.

Vehicle insurance motor fraud cost the insurance companies 60 million last year our team of expert engineers take in accounts of vehicle damage and determine a comprehensive engineer report to see whether an accident has been staged, fraud, exaggerated or did not even take place just on paper.

Forensic evidence is gathered by carefully inspecting all vehicles involved in the accident checking vehicle history, Checking height of damage, kinetic energy absorbed by panels, Point of impact, Speed of impact also liaising with the DVLA, MIAFTR Check, HPI Check, Experian Auto Check, Finance companies ,insurance companies, legal firms and other motoring organisations.

  • Comply with part 35 CPR Rule
  • Specialist desk-based investigations
  • Accident Theft Investigation
  • Statement Only
  • Accident Reconstruction And Investigation
  • Bogus Claims
  • Staged Accident Claims
  • Investigation of Exaggerated or Fraud Claims
  • Locus Reports
  • Expert Witness
  • Focused Field Visits On Accident Location
  • Low-Velocity Impact Causation
  • Counter Fraud Audits on continuing and closing files
  • Fraud Consultancy Service

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