Taxi Roadworthy Inspection is a service offered to taxi drivers who are trying to put their taxi vehicle back on the road after it has been involved in a road traffic accident.

Part of some local taxi councils now want a post-accident repair inspection confirming the structural integrity of the vehicle and the repair is carried out to an industry standard.

Our vehicle assessors will examine a vehicle after it has been declared a total loss or repair whether it is a light, medium or heavy impact of magnitude. Vehicles involved in an accident and declared a total loss can fall into a category S or Category N when it comes to repairable salvage.

We offer a roadworthy taxi vehicle inspections to all vehicles that are put back on the road after a collision. Roadworthy vehicle inspections for insurance purposes need to be carefully assessed before the vehicles are allowed to be put back on our public roads.

It is our job to further investigate the standard of repair and whether it is up to insurance standards. To find out more about this service give us a call to discuss this matter further.

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